NL Card catalogues

The following card catalogues are available for consultation on site at the NL. The titles followed by a star (*) are available on microforms.

Bible catalogue*

Catalogue of the Karl J. Lüthi Bible Collection

Biographic catalogue of articles from serial publications

Index of articles about Swiss personalities, classified alphabetically by personal names. Systematic collection since 1913. Contains references of the Swiss Bibliography of History (since 1913) and the Bibliography scientiae naturalis Helvetica (since 1925). As from 2000 online access in BSH.

Biographic Catalogue of newspaper articles

Index of newspaper articles about Swiss personalities, classified alphabetically by family names. Systematic collection since 1931. There are articles already cited as from 1900. Updating of this catalogue ceased in 2012; it is now available in HelveticArchives, the database of archival fonds of the NL.

Catalogue of family names

Index articles published in serial publications and monographs with genealogical content. In alphabetical order of family names.

Catalogue of genealogical plates

Ancestor plates, dynasties, family chains; genealogical trees and plates held by the Prints and Drawings Department. Three parts: alphabetical catalogue of the authors; systematic catalogue of the family names; location catalogue (call numbers).

Catalogue of official publications

Monographs published by public sector bodies (Confederation, cantons, municipalities, churches, etc.) are listed in part in Helveticat.

Catalogue of official serial publications

Serial publications by public sector bodies (Swiss confederation, cantons, municipalities, churches etc.).

Catalogue of publications by corporations and associations ("V-Katalog")

This card catalogue contains rules, regulations, protocols, reports, catalogues, brochures, commemorative brochures and other publications from associations and corporations, companies, industries, schools as well as cantonal or local cultural institutions in Switzerland. The collection has a yearly growth of approx. 8000 documents.

Geographical catalogue of articles from serial publications

Articles published since 1913 on villages, towns, regions, districts, cantons, lakes and rivers, geological formations, caves etc., classified alphabetically by geographical names. Contains references from the Swiss bibliography of History (since 1913) and from the Bibliography scientiae naturalis Helvetica (since 1925).

Heraldic catalogue

Index of family coats of arms published in reference works. Maintained up to 1980.

Keyword index for serials catalogue*

Alphabetical index of keywords in titles of serial publications, updated until about 1980, with cross-references and NL call numbers.

NB-Periodika-Katalog (P-Katalog)

All serials catalogued before June 2005: newspapers, magazines, series, annual publications (except publications of corporations and associations and carnaval programme). As of June 2005, new titles are only catalogued in Helveticat.

Offprints Catalogue*

Catalogue of offprints from Swiss and foreign periodicals (from 1951).