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The collection of serial publications held at the Swiss National Library (NL) has a strongly national focus. It includes newspapers, journals and bulletins from all of Switzerland’s language regions, in both printed and digital form (e-journals). The NL also digitises selected newspapers and journals and makes them available online.

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Content and scope

  • Almost 900,000 volumes of periodicals
  • Newspapers, journals, bulletins, yearbooks, calendars and scientific publications
  • Rapidly growing collection of e-journals
  • From groups, corporations, associations and companies
  • From all of Switzerland’s language regions
  • In many foreign languages, reflecting the cultural diversity of foreign residents in Switzerland and Swiss citizens living abroad

Collection principles

  • On paper or digital
  • Digital or microfilm copies


Research and access

  • Documents listed in Helveticat
  • Part of the collection is only described in a card index that can be consulted in the NL’s information room.
  • Digitised newspapers on the portal
  • Digitised journals on e-periodica
  • Access to some digital documents restricted to the NL’s public rooms

Last modification 19.07.2023

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