Official publications

Official publications reflect political, economic and social life at all levels of the Swiss administration. Often referred to as “grey literature”, these holdings are a rich and varied source of information on the workings of the Confederation.

Selection of official publications
Official publications are often referred to as “grey literature”.
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Content and scope

  • Documents issued by the federal, cantonal, communal and religious authorities
  • Everything published by the administration, including law compilations, minutes of legislative proceedings, accounts, budgets and statistics
  • Collection of grey literature is selective (the Library collects what is supplied to it)
  • Electronic publications from corporations and institutions are collected via the websites in Web Archive Switzerland.

Collection principles

  • From the foundation of the Federal State in 1848 to the present day
  • An older category of “edicts”, comprising decrees, public notices and other ordinances issued by the authorities to the population between the 16th and 19th centuries


Research and access

  • The majority of documents are listed in Helveticat
  • Monographic and serial official publications and edicts are mainly listed in a card index that can be consulted in the NL’s reading room.
  • Web Archive Switzerland in the e-Helvetica Access database

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