Swiss Conference of Cantonal Libraries

Switzerland has 26 cantonal libraries. They wish to cooperate more with each other and with the Swiss National Library (NL). To this end, the Swiss Conference of Cantonal libraries (SKKB) was founded in 2010 and incorporated as an association in 2012.

The SKKB is an inter-cantonal professional group and has the status of an interest group within the Swiss library association Bibliothek Information Schweiz [Library and Information Switzerland] (BIS). All cantonal libraries and the Swiss National Library are members. Municipal and regional libraries may also join as associate members under certain conditions.

The conference contributes to the coordination of activities carried out by cantonal libraries and those of the federal government. To this end, it carries out joint projects, addresses common issues essential for libraries, encourages professional dialogue, and develops recommendations to the political authorities and the public.

Several projects illustrate the successful cooperation between the National Library and the cantonal libraries: Web Archive Switzerland, Vintage Swiss Postcards and Schweizer Presse online / Presse suisse en ligne.

Web Archive Switzerland collects, catalogues and ensure the long term preservation of websites rele-vant to Swiss cultural heritage. Vintage Swiss Postcards digitizes historical postcards of Swiss munic-ipalities and makes them available via mobile devices. Finally, Schweizer Presse online / Presse Suisse en ligne coordinates the digitization of the Swiss newspapers.