Conference of European National Librarians

The Conference of European National Librarians (CENL) is a foundation under Dutch law whose aim is to increase and reinforce the role of national libraries in Europe, particularly in respect to their fundamental mission of preserving their national cultural heritage and ensuring that all people have access to knowledge. The members of the CENL are the national librarians of the national libraries of all Member States of the Council of Europe, plus the Vatican.
Within the framework of the CENL, the NL plays an active role initiating and developing international projects in the information field. In 2011, the NL Director, Ms. Marie-Christine Doffey, has been elected vice-Chair of the CENL.
By far, the most important project of the CENL is The European Library, a portal providing access to the collections of Europe's national libraries. These collections are both digital (books, posters, sound recordings, video, etc.) and analogue. The European Library provides access to Dürrenmatt's pictorial works, the poster collection and Helveticat, the online catalogue of the NL. In addition, 70 digitised titles representing some treasures from the NL's collection are available in the European Library's Reading Europe exhibition.
The NL catalogues Helveticat and Swiss Poster Collection are integrated in The European Library, as is the inventory of paintings by Dürrenmatt. Starting in 2011, a project to integrate university libraries that are LIBER members will increase the number of collections available. All the digitized collections available in The European Library, including those of the NL, are also available via Europeana.

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