Publications submitted to the Swiss National Library (NL) are catalogued and therefore automatically listed in Helveticat, the NL catalogue.

Descriptive cataloguing is carried out according the international standard “Resource, Description & Access” (RDA) using the international format MARC21. Name authority data is linked to the German “Gemeinsame Normdatei” (GND). The classification system adopted is the Dewey Decimal Classification System (DDC), according to the rules in force at the NL.

The level of cataloguing depends on the type of publication. For example, publications collected in the context of Web Archive Switzerland are catalogued at the minimal level; they are not listed in the national bibliography The Swiss Book nor are they indexed.
Web Archive Switzerland partner libraries may obtain the bibliographic data for their websites via an OAI-PMH interface.

The access points / authority data in each bibliographic record are checked.

The URN (Uniform Resource Name) assigned by the NL is also included in the bibliographic record. Technical, administrative and legal metadata is listed in the Data Management of the long-term repository of the NL.

Further information

Webarchiv Schweiz : Merkblatt Erschliessen, Version 2.1, 9. November 2017 (in German) (PDF, 560 kB, 20.06.2018)The information sheet List contains the necessary instructions to fill out the web form as well as information concerning format and rules.

SLB-METS, Version 2.5, 30th October 2017 (in German) (PDF, 386 kB, 03.11.2017)The NL’s internal data format is based on the structure of the METS standard (Metadata Encoding & Transmission Standard, Version 1.3.)


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