In accordance with the federal law on the Swiss National Library (SNL SR 432.21, December 18, 1992) and the Application Ordinance (January 14 1998, status February 3, 1998), the Swiss National Library (NL) also collects online Helvetica.

Compared to conventional publications it is virtually impossible, at the present time, to build an exhaustive collection of online publications. It is for this reason that the NL has opted for a progressive and selective approach to build its collection of online Helvetica. For the moment, the NL collects a selection of official publications, university publications, commercial publications and web sites. For each type of publication, the NL has entered into partnerships with other institutions: federal offices and departments for official publications, Swiss university libraries for university publications, Swiss publishers for commercial publications and Swiss cantonal libraries as well as other interested institutions for patrimonial web sites. Other collection domains will be added as e-Helvetica evolves.

In its guidelines for collecting online Helvetica, the NL has defined its collection policy and has formulated specific guidelines for collecting online Helvetica. In the case of patrimonial web sites, the NL has set out the selection criteria and the collection domains in an information sheet.

There is a password protected submission web form for web sites.

Ongoing discussions with the legal advisers of the Federal Office for Culture should clarify legal aspects of the collecting, long-term archiving and access to online Helvetica.

You can find further information on the submission of online publications under:

Further information

Sammelrichtlinien für Online-Helvetica: provisorische Fassung, Arbeitsversion 1.0, 25. März 2003 (in German) (PDF, 64 kB, 04.06.2008)Besides general considerations regarding the Swiss National Library’s (NL) collection development policy, the document contains general guidelines regarding the development of the online Helvetica collection at the NL.

Webarchiv Schweiz : Merkblatt Sammeln, Version 1.9, 15. Juni 2018 (in German) (PDF, 1 MB, 18.06.2018)The information sheet Collect contains the basis for the creation of a collection of important patrimonial web sites and defines the areas of collection and selection criteria.


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