The digital publications which are collected and archived permanently in the Swiss National Library may be accessed at

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Webarchiv Schweiz : Merkblatt Bereitstellen, Version 2.3, 15. Oktober 2017 (in German) (PDF, 1 MB, 12.10.2017)The advanced full text search option is explained and illustrated in the entry "Bereitstellen". In addition it contains instructions for setting up the consultation stations.

Webarchiv Schweiz: Anleitung zur Suche von Websites in Helveticat, Version 1.0, 23.11.2016 (in German) (PDF, 323 kB, 18.05.2017)The website search guide describes how you may search for websites in Helveticat using an extraction code, a URL, a Dewey number or by language.

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