In its ongoing quest to continually enrich its collections, the Swiss National Library (NL) collects various documents such as
- printed documents
- pictorial documents and photographs
- video documents
- digital documents
- manuscripts
relative to Switzerland, its population and its citizens throughout history. Sound documents are collected by the Swiss National Sound Archives on behalf of the NL.

Collection development

Developing and enriching our collections, is one our main tasks. Although there are no Swiss national regulations relative to the legal deposit of documents, the NL has nevertheless established mechanisms to ensure the ongoing development of its collections through its complimentary deposit convention with the Swiss publishing associations: the ASDEL (Association Suisse des Diffuseurs, Editeurs et Libraires), the SBVV (Schweizerischer Buchhändler- und Verleger-Verband) and the SESI (Società Editori della
Svizzera Italiana).

The donations that we receive are highly diverse in their nature. They vary from individual works published at the author’s own expense, periodicals and club magazines to official publications. The NL receives around 45'000 titles per year. One noteworthy donation is the Gutenberg Collection.

Foreign publications with relevance to Switzerland or its citizens are purchased on the normal market for books. Almost 15'000 titles are acquired annually.

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