The Swiss Book, printed edition

The Swiss Book, printed edition
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As of 2007, the printed version of The Swiss Book has been discontinued. The static PDF version replaces the printed edition.

Bibliographic references:

The Swiss Book: Swiss national bibliography. Year 43, no 1 (January 15 1943)-year 106 (January 15 2007) =2006/25. - Bern : Swiss National Library, 1943-2007.

Previous titles:
- Bibliographisches Bulletin der Schweizerischen Landesbibliothek = Bulletin bibliographique de la Bibliothèque nationale suisse. Berna: Benteli, 1901-1942.
- Bibliographie und literarische Kronik der Schweiz = Bibliographie et chronique littéraire de la Suisse. Basel ; Genève: H. Georg, 1878-1900.
- Bibliographie der Schweiz = Bibliographie de la Suisse. Zurigo: Schweizerisches Antiquariat, 1871-1877.

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