The Swiss Book, the Swiss national bibliography

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The Swiss Book is the national bibliography of Switzerland published by the Swiss National Library (NL).

This bibliography lists Swiss publications on all mediums: books, maps, music scores, electronic medias and multimedia, periodicals, newspapers, annual publications and series. However, Swiss sound recordings are catalogued and collected at the Swiss National Sound Archives in Lugano.

A publication is considered Swiss if:
- at least one third of the authors are Swiss;
- or the publishing house is Swiss;
- or at least one third of the content concerns Switzerland.

A publication is included in The Swiss Book if:
- its content is public;
- it has at least 6 pages;
- and it is less than 10 years old.

Publications, whose content is the work of Swiss translators, compilers (editors) or contributors or by authors residing in Switzerland, are collected by the Swiss National Library but are not included in The Swiss Book.

The Swiss Book is accessible in a static version in PDF format.

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