Index of libraries ISplus for interlibrary loan

Swiss Libraries that are part of the interlibrary loan use an acronym as abbreviation (e.g. Ge 9). All abbreviations, together with the complete addresses of the libraries, are listed in the electronic catalogue ISplus. ISplus is freely consultable as part of the database HelveticArchives and also contains information concerning the accessibility of the ISplus libraries (accessibility code).

In ISplus you will also find the addresses of all Swiss Memory Institutions that have an ISIL.

Further information to the interlibrary loan

Further information to the ISIL Centre Switzerland

The abbreviation can be resolved, to find the according name and address of a library, as follows:

  • Call up the Website, to get to the home page of the database HelveticArchives
  • Choose the field search
  • Instead of "Titel/Name" choose "VZ-Sigel" in the drop-down list and enter the abbreviation (e.g. Ge 9) in the search field and then click on the search button at the bottom of the page. (consider the space between the letters and number!)
  • Choose the first result to show the complete address
  • If necessary (in case the library does not correspond to the correct abbreviation), navigate further to the next entry with "Go to the next entry in the results list" 

The index ISplus is updated on a regular basis. Please contact us for any change of address.

Further information

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