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The Swiss National Library (NL) operates the national ISIL Centre for institutions working in the field of information and documentation in Switzerland. The Centre issues codes with the prefix CH and maintains an up-to-date list containing the names and addresses of institutions registered.


As its name indicates, the International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations is intended for libraries, archives, documentation centres, museums and other institutions that participate directly or indirectly in international library or book trade exchange.

The ISIL is based on the ISO 15511:2011 standard.

It is used to unambiguously identify libraries, archives and similar institutions. The code system simplifies automated library services (identification, acquisition, lending, etc.), especially across borders.

International coordination of ISIL registration is overseen by the Danish Agency for Culture.

ISIL directory

ISplus (archives, libraries and museums) acts as the national ISIL register. It lists all heritage institutions that have an ISIL number and can be consulted in the HelveticArchives database.

The ISIL register contains:

  • institutions that participate in interlibrary loan
  • all institutions that were registered in the Information suisse directory
  • and those that meet the requirements for obtaining an ISIL

It is updated regularly.

Requesting an ISIL and notifying changes

If your institution meets the conditions for obtaining an ISIL and is not already listed in the ISIL register, you can request registration free of charge from the ISIL Centre Switzerland. To request an ISIL and notify changes to your institution’s name and address, please complete the “Application and change notification form for ISIL institutions”:

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