Web Archive Switzerland : Professional Development 2007

Web Archive Switzerland - a common collection of patrimonial online Helvetica of the Swiss cantonal libraries and the Swiss National Library

Training Session on Collecting and Listing of online patrimonial Helvetica, held March 8th and 14th 2007 at the Swiss National Library in Bern

Web Archive Switzerland is a project within the e-Helvetica framework. Its objective is to build up a collection of online patrimonial Helvetica at the Swiss National Library (NL). The NL’s partners in this project are the cantonal libraries of Switzerland. Over the last several years this partnership has already produced the basis for this project such as: guidelines and criteria for the selection of definite collecting domains and guidelines for listing web sites. The tasks were distributed among partners in the following manner: cantonal libraries were responsible for the identification and pre-listing (following guidelines which had been agreed upon) while the NL was responsible for harvesting, listing in Helveticat and making these objects available.

In 2006, intensive tests were conducted in relation to the Ingest system of the NL. The evaluation of the test phase has underscored the need to provide training to cantonal libraries in the areas of identification and listing of important patrimonial web sites before moving on and further extending the collection.

The training session was held at the NL on March 8th and 14th 2007.

Programme and list of participants (in German)

Presentations and training material (in German)

The training material of the part «Erschliessen» is replaced by the information sheet «Erschliessen».

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