Cataloguing and Consultation of th Special collections

The special collections may only be consulted to a limited extent; reasons must be given in writing.

The administrative dossiers for the individual collections contain – where available – documentation on their acquisition and cataloguing (such as inventory lists), as well as the contracts and correspondence establishing the legal ownership (transfer of title or deposit) and the restrictions regarding their consultation. These dossiers are only accessible to a very limited extent.

Consultation of most fonds falls under the loans regulations of the Swiss Literary Archives, of the Print Room and of the Swiss National Library in general; furthermore, consultation of certain fonds is restricted by the conditions stipulated in the contracts established when the collections were acquired by the SNL. The book collection listed in the SNL catalogues can be consulted in the library’s main reading room.

The following are collections of catalogued books that can be consulted in the reading room of SNL:
  • Foreign publications (non Helvetica) call number E
  • Closed special collections (thematic, in foreign languages)
  • Hoepli Fonds X2
  • American book collection X3
  • Emma Pieczynska-Reichenbach FondsX4
  • Salvation Army book collection X5
  • Marcel Godet book collection  X6
  • Rolf van Leyden book collection X7
  • Lüthi Bible Collection SL
  • Swiss Society for Genealogic studies Library GF
  • Finn Friis Library
  • Swiss Gutenberg Museum Specialised Library (partial) GMFB
  • Indica Desaï Collection D
  • Censured documents of the First and Second World Wars collection (partial) CENS
The following special collections are part of the General Collections:
  • Maps and topographic material
  • Printed Music (partial)
  • Microforms
  • Audiovisual documents, CD-ROMs and other electronic media
  • Reference books (bibliographies, reference collection in the reading room and bibliographic information services)
  • Documents by international organisations based in Switzerland

Further information

The special collections may only be consulted to a limited extent; reasons must be given in writing.

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