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Archithese : Zeitschrift und Schriftenreihe für Architektur. - Niederteufen : Niggli, 1980-
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The serial collection of the NL is eminently national in nature. It comprises daily newspapers, magazines, bulletins published by political or religious groups or by associations, company newsletters, youth magazines, yearbooks, calendars as well as scientific periodicals emanating from all linguistic regions of Switzerland. The collection also contains publications in various foreign languages, representing the diversity of foreign residents in Switzerland and of Swiss citizens living abroad.

Volume of newspapers and microfilm
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The NL is committed to the conservation of original works. However, despite all of these measures it can be that original works are too fragile to stand up to the rigours of use, transportation or changes in climate. In such cases, the content of the work is copied to an alternative medium, e.g. newspapers copied to microfilm. This task falls to the national microfilm programme, MIKO.

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