Official publications

Nouvelle Constitution fédérale : consolider l'acquis, construire l'avenir, renforcer la Suisse. - [Berne] : [Office central fédéral des imprimés et du matériel], [1998]
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Official publications include all documents published by the following administrations:
• federal
• cantonal
• communal
• religious

Often described as «grey literature» this collection is a rich and varied source of information on the functioning of the Swiss Confederation. Official publications reflect the political, economic and social life of every level of Swiss administration. In this collection you will find everything published by the administrations in terms of
• law compilations
• legislative reports, accounts, budgets
• statistics
• information brochures
• reports
• official declarations

Die Bundeskanzlei : die Stabsstelle des Bundesrates. - Bern : BBL, Vertrieb Bundespublikationen, [2005]
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This collection covers the period from the creation of the Swiss Confederation in 1848 onwards. It also includes a more ancient category, «edicts» which are decrees, public notices or ordinances communicated to the population by various authorities between the 16th and 19th centuries.
Most of the official publications are listed in Helveticat the online catalogue of the NL. The complete collection, including edicts, monographs and serials, is inventoried in the card catalogue and can be consulted in the Information room of the NL.

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