Corporate publications

Item from Expo.02 Collection
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The collection contains about one million documents published by more than 45,000 different organizations. We collect publications by:
• Corporations
• Associations
• Companies
• Institutions

The collection contains:
• Annual reports
• Rules and regulations
• Catalogues and brochures
• Commemorative brochures

Festprogramm / Eidgenössisches Schwing- u. Älplerfest, 1934
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Also included in this collection are guides and catalogues of festivals and exhibits and of federal, cantonal and local celebrations.
The country’s social, political, economic, cultural and athletic life is reflected in this collection. 90% of the documents are not available in libraries nor are they listed in Helveticat the online catalogue of the NL or in «The Swiss Book». The «V collection» is inventoried in a card catalogue which can be consulted in the information room of the NL.

Further information

The Document below contains an overview of the institutions whose publications are included in the catalogue.

List of corporate publications (in German and French) (XLS, 2 MB, 01.06.2017)Documents and publications from Swiss corporations or associations, companies, industries, schools and cultural institutions, both cantonal and local. The institutions from which we hold documents are contained in this list.


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