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Cendrars, Blaise : Gold : being the marvellous history of General John Augustus Sutter. - New York : Marlowe, 1996
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“Everything on and about Switzerland” is the expression that best describes documents collected by the Swiss National Library (NL). Also known as Helvetica these publications pertain to Switzerland. Aside from literature, the collection contains musical documents, official publications, geographical maps, grey literature, serials and annual publications. Helvetica include Swiss publications and foreign publications dealing with Switzerland and its inhabitants as well as publications by Swiss authors that have been published abroad, including translations. The NL’s holdings are truly heterogeneous: from the novel to the piano score, from the daily newspaper to the documentary, from children’s books to parish publications and electronic publications – truly everything on and about Switzerland.

Wecker, Anna : Ein köstlich new Kochbuch [...]. - Basel : in Verlegung Ludwig Königs, 1609
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Article 3 of the Federal law of 18 December 1992 on the Swiss National Library (Nationalbibliotheksgesetz, NBibG = Loi sur la Bibliothèque nationale suisse, LBNS) describes the collection order of the NL. A more detailed wording is found in article 2 of the Decree of 14 January 1998 on the Swiss National Library (Nationalbibliotheksverordnung, NBibV = Ordonnance sur la Bibliothèque nationale, OBNS).

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