Dürrenmatt mit Zigarre

The anniversary

5 January 2021 marks 100 years since the birth of Friedrich Dürrenmatt. Learn more about the writer and painter, his estate and the institutions that are celebrating him.
Ausstellungen 100 Jahre FD

Exhibitions and events

Many institutions are organising exhibitions, colloquia, lectures, performances, readings and guided tours to mark the 100th anniversary year of Friedrich Dürrenmatt. Find out when and where each event is taking place.
Collage Dürrenmatt


As a product of years of research and editorial work involving Dürrenmatt’s estate, various publications are marking his 100th anniversary of birth: the “Stoffe”, “Wege und Umwege”, a biography of and a handbook about Dürrenmatt, as well as a “Passim”.
Logo Jubiläum 100 Jahre FD

Information for partners and the media

The Swiss National Library is making a logo available to interested institutions free of charge in the anniversary year. Interested media can obtain photos of or related to Dürrenmatt.