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The Swiss National Library’s digitisation projects

The Swiss press

Schaffhauser Nachrichtennew window
Schaffhauser Nachrichten Schaffhauser Nachrichten
Digitisation of the Swiss press is a priority for the Swiss National Library (NL) for two reasons:

- firstly, the NL’s customers wait impatiently to consult this type of publication online, in particular, due to the wealth of research opportunities provided by this type of access;

- secondly, newspapers are printed on a very fragile paper that quickly deteriorates if they are often leafed through.

The digitisation of newspapers contributes to preserving the originals while at the same time allowing widespread use of these documents.

Women’s history

Schweizer Frauenblattnew window
Schweizer Frauenblatt Schweizer Frauenblatt
Thirty journals in the field of feminism and women are being digitized. This collection of around 250,000 pages will be an important source of information for research and gender studies. The journals covered by the project are listed on the Digicoord platform and will be online at retro.seals,ch, the collection of digitized Swiss journals.

Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC)

Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC)new window
Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC) Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC)
Since March 2006 the daily issues of the SOGC are included in the NL’s collection of born-digital documents, e-Helvetica. The digitization project currently underway will make all issues of this journal since it was first published in 1883 available online to the public, a total of about 500,000 pages. At then end of the project the SOGC will be available via the e-Helvetica interface.


Nebelspalternew window
Nebelspalter Nebelspalter
The Nebelspalter, a Swiss satirical magazine, is frequently consulted especially by researchers in the humanities. The NL and the magazine’s publisher have agreed to digitize the collection from the first issue of 1876 until 2000 approximately 140,000 pages, which will be made available online at by the end of 2014.

Last updated on: 22.04.2013

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