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Personal archives and other special fonds

  • Lenin, Wladimir Ulianoff: lending form (user) 1914
  • Huber, Emil: Magistrates’file 1956
  • Hanhart, Ernst: Genealogical file of the Ayent commune (VS): deaf-mute and hard of hearing 1965
  • Hollenweger, Walter J: Book on the Pentecost and affiliated documentation 1969
  • Blaser, Fritz: Bibliographie der Schweizer Presse: documentation relative to its publications and card catalogue 1980
  • Greyerz, Walo von: manuscripts of radio programmes Die Woche im Bundeshaus (1933-1950), Wochenruckblick Jur die Schweizer im Ausland (1950-1968), Presseschau (1968-1972) 1980
  • Gerber, Eduard: Archives on sects (free churches, Pentacostal) 1986
  • Aerni, Agathon: specialised literature and picture documentation on Webber/Cook 1986
  • Trüssel, Albert: specialised literature on succulent plants 1992
  • DOK Collection
  • Documentation from the previous old stocks of the "Manuscripts and special collections section" and various partial fonds
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