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Notable Acquisitions

General Collection

Johann Jakob Stehlin
Johann Jakob Stehlin


PESTALOZZI, Johann Heinrich, Léonard et Gertrude, ou, Les mœurs villageoises, telles quʼon les retrouve à la ville & à la cour : histoire morale, A Lausanne, chez Gabriel Décombaz, 1783, 2 vol.

RENAUD, Ansichten von der Strasse über den Simplon, [Paris], [s.n.], [zwischen 1820 und 1825], [29] Bl.: überwiegend Ill.

STANHOPE, Philip Henry, Letters from Switzerland: 1833, Carlsruhe, W. Hasper, 1834.

STEHLIN, Johann Jakob, Das Bachlettenquartier der Baugesellschaft für Arbeiterwohnungen in Basel, [Basel], [s.n.], [1875].

ZIMMERMANN, Johann Georg, Von dem Nationalstolze, Zürich, bey Heidegger und Compagnie, 1758.


Virginie Favre
Virginie Favre

CONSONNI, Giancarlo, Chiarìe, intervento di Gianni Bolis, [Mendrisio], Edizioni Fuoridalcoro, 2011.

FAVRE, Virginie, Kaoz, Saint-Prex, Atelier de Saint-Prex, 2010.

DER GOLDENE Münchner Psalter: Clm 835 Bayerische Staatsbibliothek München, Luzern, Quaternio-Verlag, 2011, Faks.-Ed., einmalige, limitierte Aufl.

ROUSSEAU, Jean-Jacques, Les confessions, ill. de trente-sept compositions en couleurs par A. Calbet, Paris, Le Vasseur, 1934, 3 vol.

SEDAN, Michel, Naïades néréides: insolentes, troublantes splendeurs de lʼonde, Carouge, Editions JB, 2010.

Prints and Drawings Department

From the archive of Niklaus Stauss
From the archive of Niklaus Stauss

Archives and collections

STAUSS, Niklaus (*1938): The photographic archive of Niklaus Stauss contains analogue photographs, slides, contact sheets and enlargements.

SWISSINFO: The Swissinfo Swiss press archive contains press cuttings in German and French on terms, individuals and companies. The focus is on the period from the 1980s to the start of 2001. (Swissinfo gift)

Editions, artists' books, plates and drawings

KEISER, Daniela, Die Kairoübersetzung, 12 photographs, 13 texts, 2010.

NGUYEN, Cat Tuong, Meine Kamera arbeitet und übernachtet in der Zentralbibliothek, 6 framed photographs, Zurich, 2009.

POZAREK, Vaclav, Bibliotheksserie, 13 drawings, 2011.

Sketchbook by Hans Witschi
Sketchbook by Hans Witschi

ROESCH, Peter, [untitled], book object, 13 volumes, 2003.

SALA, Mario, Kairo-Tafeln, from Schwimmkanäle für Innenräume, 12 Pavatex panels, 2001.

WIEGAND, Suse, Drück den Daumen - Plastische Ereignisse für ein Körpergedächtnis, 26 volumes, 2009.

WITSCHI, Hans, Skizzenbuch 1985-1987, 1 volume, 1985-1987.

Swiss Literary Archives

ARCHE VERLAG (1944-82): Publisher's archive: manuscripts, typescripts and pre-presses, templates for illustrations and the correspondence between publisher and authors. The first known version of Dürrenmatt‘s Besuch der alten Dame is one of the most spectacular documents from the archive of Arche Verlag.

BILLE, Corinna (1912-1979): Photodossier by Benjamin Fondane on the making of the film Rapt by Dimitri Kirsanoff.

BORGEAUD, Georges (1914-1998): Photograph of Marcel Imsand with dedication (gift of Jacques Fasel); additions to the literary estate in the form of manuscripts, correspondence, presentation copies and a portrait of Thierry Vernet, oil on canvas (gift of the Fondation Calvignac).

CENDRARS, Blaise (1887-1961): First edition of Panama (1918), accompanied by two extremely rare documents: an order card for an edition that was announced but, owing to lack of interest, was not produced by Daniel Niestlé; and a copy of the Programme de la première matinée de poésie moderne [...] consacrée à Blaise Cendrars, Paris, Théâtre Impérial, 15 November 1918.

CERESA, Alice (1923-2001): Correspondence from the estate of Barbara Fittipaldi, correspondence and documentation on the publication of the Piccolo dizionario, documentation marking the tenth anniversary of Ceresa's death, second part of the author's library.

FAES, Urs (*1947): The archive includes manuscripts and typescripts of all the novels as well as narrative works, essays and journalism, including documentation on the historical and contemporary history research and social reportages, as well as private and business correspondence covering four decades. Photo albums and thematic materials on the individual novels.

FASANI, Remo (1922-2011): The archive includes preparatory materials and manuscript versions of the poems, translations and essays, articles, studies and notes on lectures, correspondence with readers, authors and critics, some critical works, annotated copies of the volumes of poetry, biographical documents of a private and professional nature (gift of the author).

GANGALE-UFFER, Margarita (1921-2010): Letters of condolence and death announcements, correspondence and biographical documents.

JOB, Jakob (1891-1973): Extensive autograph collection of the former Zurich radio director and travel writer Jakob Job (gift of Peter Fries).

KRISTOF, Agota (1935-2011): Dossier including 41 negative photographs of Agota Kristof and her family taken by Jean-Pierre Baillod between 1967 and 1974.

LANSEL, Peider (1863-1943): Following a restructuring, the Lia Rumantscha presented its entire holdings comprising part of the literary estate of Peider Lansel. It comprises preparatory materials for works and editions together with the associated correspondence, essays and articles, bibliographical works and collections of the author, documentation on Lansel's involvement in cultural policy and the Grosser Schillerpreis as well as various publications.

MASCIONI, Grytzko (1936-2003): Partial literary estate collected by Ernestina Mascioni in Origlio. It contains manuscripts of works from a variety of genres, individual translations, a collection of works for radio and television, editorial works as well as articles, sketches, drawings and photographs, documentation on his life and work, and various publications by and about Mascioni.

E. Y. Meyer at his workplace on the Brünnengut estate
E. Y. Meyer at his workplace on the Brünnengut estate

MEYER, E.Y. (*1946): Complete archive comprising manuscripts and typescripts as well as research materials on the literary works, corresponding examples of the essays and journalism, correspondence with publishers and fellow writers. There are also personal documents, reviews of the literary works, interviews and portraits from newspapers and periodicals, secondary literature, a selection from Meyer's library and professional photographs.

ORELLI, Giovanni (*1928): Extensive addition to the archive, including manuscripts and typescripts of the literary works, a wide selection of essays, articles, lectures and speeches, extensive correspondence, photographs and various collections (gift of the author).

PEER, Andri (1921-1985): Various materials from the family archives, including preparatory materials and early versions of literary works, various articles and editorial pieces, translations, preparations for radio broadcasts, letters and drafts, notes of discussions and lectures, photographs, publications and compositions on Peer's poems, various books.

von SALIS, Jean Rudolf (1901-1996): Selection from library. The books chosen are publications related to Salis' work or to Swiss literature as well as those that contain marginalia, dedications or insertions (gift).

SCHNEIDER, Hansjörg (*1938): Complete archive including manuscript versions of most works in quarto and octavo volumes, numerous typescript versions, extensive correspondence, individual personal documents and comprehensive documentation with programmes, press articles, film and sound recordings on his narrative and dramatic works and his reception.

SPESCHA, Hendri (1928-1982): Collection catalogued by his brother Flurin M. Spescha, including drafts of poems with corrections, audio plays, journalism, theatrical translations and associated directorial instructions, preparations for the anthology Raetia ʼ70, editorial works and correspondence on La vusch dils mats, works for radio and television, documentation on Mathias Spescha.

Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel

DÜRRENMATT, Friedrich, [Untitled], collage, 1971.
-, [Abendmahl], watercolour, top coat, ink with pen, crayon and pencil on cardboard, 1933.
-, [Bettler], ink with pen and washes on paper, 1943/1946.
-, [Blick in die Tiefe in Eison VS], ink on paper, 1943/1946.
-, [Groteske Figurenlandschaft], ink on cardboard, 1943/1946.
-, [Parodien auf René Pierre Bille 1], ink on paper, 1943/1946.
-, [Parodien auf René Pierre Bille 2], ink on paper, 1943/1946.
-, [Parodien auf René Pierre Bille 3], ink on paper, 1943/1946.
-, [Parodien auf René Pierre Bille 4], ink on paper, 1943/1946.
-, [Parodien auf René Pierre Bille 5], ink on paper, 1943/1946.
-, [Meteor über Krone der Speisekarte Kronenhalle], pencil, 1966.
-, [Wald- und Feldode für Sonntagschulen, eine satirische Bildgeschichte in Reimform von Friedrich Dürrenmatt], 6 plates, watercolour on paper, 1949-1952 (gift).

ZUFFEREY, Christiane, [Blick in Eison VS], ink, 1943/1946.

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