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Main Events

Ceremony to mark 20 years of the Swiss Literary Archives (SLA)

The SLA celebrated 20 years of existence in the presence of some 200 invited guests. An audience of authors, researchers and politicians listened to addresses by three prominent European intellectuals: Michel Butor, Giovanni Orelli and Peter von Matt.

Von Sprachbildern und Wortklängen

Klaus Merz, 2.3.2011
Klaus Merz, 2.3.2011

A reading and discussion with Klaus Merz and Melinda Nadj Abonji
In its jubilee year, the SLA's evening events generally brought together an established author and a young writer to discuss literature in general, their own writing, and the SLA itself, under the guidance of SLA staff. First to appear were Klaus Merz, whose archive has been in the SLA since 2006, and Melinda Nadj Abonji, winner of the Swiss and German Book Prizes in 2010.

Museum Night in Bern: A long night of short readings

The long night of readings for all ages was opened by Hanna Johansen and Franz Hohler with stories for children; both also later read works for adults. Isolde Schaad, Verena Stefan, Adolf Muschg as well as Beat Sterchi (together with Michael Pfeuti) also offered a number of short readings. A review of the SLA’s exhibitions and publications over the last 20 years was presented for the first time at the Museum Night, and remained on show until 26 November.

Mario Botta. Architecture et mémoire

The Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel (CDN) staged a wide-ranging exhibition on the Ticinese architect Mario Botta, focusing on the libraries, museums and theatres as well as the numerous churches and sacred spaces. The CDN itself is housed in a space designed by Mario Botta in 2000.

Library Science Talk: Lawrence Lessig

Of the six Library Science Talks held this year, Lawrence Lessigʼs proved to be the biggest draw: it was standing room only in the NLʼs lecture room for the talk given by the founder of the Creative Commons movement. The Library Science Talks are organised by the NL in cooperation with AILIS the Association of International Librarians and Information Specialists and the CERN Scientific Information Service.

Sentieri segreti

Alberto Nessi, 11.5.2011
Alberto Nessi, 11.5.2011

Alberto Nessi e Donata Berra - Un incontro tra due poeti
With readings of each other's works and a workshop discussion, the two poets presented an anthology to mark the 70th birthday of Alberto Nessi Ladro di minuzie (2011) and the most recent collection of poems by Donata Berra, A memoria di mare (2010). Alberto Nessi's archive has been in the SLA since 2010.

International bookbinding competition for trainees

2nd prize in the bookbinding competition for apprentices: Luca Stauffer’s binding
2nd prize in the bookbinding competition for apprentices: Luca Stauffer’s binding

He was busy taking his final exams and so was unable to attend the award ceremony on 17 June in Vienna, but he still won anyway: Luca Stauffer, then in his fourth year as an apprentice at the NL, is now a qualified print media processor, as the former profession of bookbinder is now termed. Stauffer's binding earned him 2nd prize in the international youth achievement competition involving apprentices from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Die Koloristen. Schweizer Landschaftsgraphik von 1766 bis 1848

Peter Bratschi, President of the Graphica Helvetica Foundation, 22.6.2011
Peter Bratschi, President of the Graphica Helvetica Foundation, 22.6.2011

In the Gugelmann Collection, the Prints and Drawings Department of the NL possesses a significant holding of works by the "Schweizer Kleinmeister". A publication by Tobias Pfeifer-Helke examines the artistic and cultural significance and sociohistorical involvement of Swiss landscape painters of the period. It was published by the Graphica Helvetica Foundation, which organised the book vernissage in association with the NL.

Digital libraries and the law

The distribution and use of digital content via the Internet raises issues of copyright and personal rights for libraries. The conference examined the issues and some possible solutions; the collected contributions were subsequently published in book form. The event was organised by the Law Library of Bern University and the NL on behalf of the Association of Swiss Law Libraries.

IADA Conference 2011

The 22nd Conference of the International Association of Book and Paper Conservators took place at Bern University. It was largely organised by staff of the NL’s Preservation and Conservation Service, who also presented expert contributions.

Literaturarchiv – Literarisches Archiv: Institutions and authors in discussion

International colloquium
The SLA's international colloquium looked at the archive as historical institution and paradigm. The focus was on the complex relationship between the literary archives as an institution and the individual literary estate. Academics and authors who have themselves designed archives investigated the interaction between the dictates of the archive and those of the author. Speakers included Pierre-Marc de Biasi (Paris), Bernhard Fetz (Vienna), Andreas Kilcher (Zurich), Krzysztof Pomian (Paris/Brussels) and Ulrich Raulff (Marbach). Christian Haller and Sylviane Dupuis answered questions from the audience.

Peter Rüedi: Dürrenmatt oder Die Ahnung vom Ganzen

Peter Rüedi, 27.10.2011
Peter Rüedi, 27.10.2011

Twenty years on from Dürrenmatt's death, Peter Rüedi presented the major biography of the celebrated Swiss writer. It is based on a comprehensive evaluation of Dürrenmatt's literary estate, the donation of which in 1989 initially prompted the foundation of the SLA. The discussion between the author, Peter von Matt and Ulrich Weber was moderated by Barbara Basting. The event was organised in association with Diogenes Verlag.

Spannungen im Literaturdreieck Schriftsteller – Öffentlichkeit – Archiv

Dieter Bachmann, 11.11.2011
Dieter Bachmann, 11.11.2011

A topical discussion in the Literary Archives
This panel discussion to round off the SLA's jubilee year examined the relationships between author, publication and inclusion in archives. At the invitation of the Society for the Swiss Literary Archives, author and journalist Dieter Bachmann joined writers Annette Mingels and Matthias Zschokke, literary theorist and critic Daniel Rothenbühler and publisher Dirk Vaihinger in the literary - and literal - surroundings of the Archives.

Cercle dʼétudes internationales Jean Starobinski

The Cercle dʼétudes Jean Starobinski met this year at the invitation of Michaël Conte and the Département de littérature française of Lausanne University. Marielle Macé (Paris/New York) spoke on the form of the day and the stylistics of existence in Starobinski’s work. The lecture by Jérémie Majorel (Paris) explored the possibility of a hermeneutics of difference.

Federal Councillor Burkhalter visits the NL with Liechtenstein minister

Marie-Christine Doffey, Didier Burkhalter, Aurelia Frick, 29.11.2011
Marie-Christine Doffey, Didier Burkhalter, Aurelia Frick, 29.11.2011

Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter, Head of the Federal Department of Home Affairs, and Aurelia Frick, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Culture and Justice of the Principality of Liechtenstein, chose the NL as the venue for an informal exchange of views. Marie-Christine Doffey then led them on a guided tour of the institution and presented some of its treasures.

Handbook of Historic Bookholdings of Switzerland

What historic printed documents are to be found in Switzerland? The Handbook of Historic Bookholdings of Switzerland provides the answers. It is the result of a country-wide project overseen by Zurich Central Library, which also arranged the book vernissage. Speakers included Susanna Bliggenstorfer, Hermann Köstler, Jean-Luc Rouiller, Klaus Garber and Manfred Olms.

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