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Swiss Literary Archives

Outstanding acquisitions

Most important arrivals

Peter Bichsel, photo: Ernst and Margrit Baumann, Bern
BICHSEL, Peter (*1935). Teacher. Works:
Eigentlich möchte Frau Blum den Milchmann
kennenlernen (stories, 1964), Kindergeschichten
(stories, 1969), Des Schweizers Schweiz (essay,
1969), Der Busant (novel, 1985), Cherubin
Hammer und Cherubin Hammer (novel, 1999),
Kolumnen, Kolumnen (stories, 2005). Bichsel’s
literary archive includes working materials,
manuscripts and typescripts of his literary and
journalistic work, correspondence, personal
notes as well as documentary materials such as
copies and secondary literature on his work.
BÖNI, Franz (*1952). Works: Ein Wanderer
im Alpenregen (stories, 1979), In der
Ferienkolonie (novel, 2000), Rimini (poems
and plays, 2002), Geisterstadt (novel, 2002),
Lange habe ich Dich nicht gesehn (letters, 2004),
Gruss aus der Hollywoodschaukel: A reader
(2005). Lifetime achievement award from the
Swiss Schiller Foundation 1989 and other
awards. His archive includes early versions of
his works, letters and documentary material.

CENDRARS, Blaise (1887 – 1961).
Writer. Works: La Prose du Transsibérien et de
la Petite Jehanne de France (1913), Dix-neuf
poèmes élastiques (1919), L’Or (novel, 1925),
Moravagine (novel, 1926), Le Plan de l’Aiguille
et Les Confessions de Dan Yack, Une Nuit dans
la forêt (1929), Vol à voiles (1932), Histoires
vraies (Reportagen, 1938), La Vie dangereuse
(Erzählungen, 1939). L’Homme foudroyé
(1945), La Main coupée (1946), Bourlinguer
(1948), Le Lotissement du ciel (1949). Commandeur
of the Legion of Honor, award bestowed
by André Malraux (1960), Grand Prix
littéraire de la Ville de Paris (1961).

Additional acquisitions:
- Letters from Cendrars to Henri Poulaille: 34
postcards and 67 letters, from 1926 to 1960.
- Letters from Cendrars to Paula Grieder: 31 letters
and postcards, from 1937 to 1941, 1 floorplan
of Cendrars’ room at Hôtel de l’Alma and
one pass from 1941. File reserved for publication.
- Photocopies of letters from Cendrars to
Louis and Denyse Parrot: 1 letter to Louis
Parrot from 1928, 18 letters to Denyse Parrot,
from 1949 to 1954. These photocopies come
from the Fonds Louis Parrot (1906 – 1948) of
the Bibliothèque de Tours.
- Dan Yack – Le Plan de l’aiguille: Corrected
blue-prints : edition of the Club Français du
livre (1951) with the corrected blue-prints of
the 1946 edition.

GROBÉTY, Anne-Lise (*1949). Journalist
and writer. Works: Pour mourir en février
(novel, 1970; Prix Georges-Nicole, on manuscript,
1969), Zéro positif (novel, 1975), La
Fiancée d’hiver (collection of short stories,
1984), Contes-gouttes (collection of short stories,
1986), Infiniment plus (collection of short
stories, 1989), Belle Dame qui mord (collection
of short stories, 1992), Compost blues (2000),
Le Temps des mots à voix basse (story, 2001, Prix
Saint-Exupéry), Amour mode majeur (2003),
Du Mal à une mouche (2004), La Corde de Mi
(novel, 2006). Prix Ramuz in 2000 for the
whole body of her work. The 2006 additions
to the archives complement a first core of manuscripts
deposited in 2003 and reflect Anne-Lise
Grobéty’s literary development.

INGOLD, Felix Philipp (*1942). Author,
translator, critic, professor for Russian culture at
the University of St. Gallen. Works: Wortnahme
(poetry, 2005), Kunstleben und Lebenskunst
(prose, 2000), Der grosse Bruch (prose, 2000),
among others. Literary archive (author donation):
Manuscripts and materials from his
work, comprehensive correspondence – often
relating to Ingold’s translation activities – with
authors such as Vilém Flusser, Botho Strauss,
Ludvik Kundera, Gennadij Ajgi, Joseph Brodsky,
Edmond Jabès. Letters on Ingold’s collaboration
with artistis including Rolf Winnewisser, Peter Z.
Herzog, André Thomkins, Rémy Zaugg, among

KAISER, Ingeborg (*1930). Author.
Works: Mord der Angst (novel, 1996), Den
Fluss überfliegen (novel, 1998), Roza und die
Wölfe. Biographical research on Rosa Luxemburg
(2002), Freitagabend I (play, Chur City
Theater, 1983), Freitagabend II (play, Chur
City Theater, 1985), In Steinschuhen tanzen
(play, Zytglogge Theater, Berne 1988). Various
awards, among others the German Short Story
Award (1983). Kaiser’s archive includes manuscripts
and typescripts of the works as well as
documentation on her work.

KRÄTTLI, Anton (*1922). Teacher and
freelance journalist for a number of dailies,
from 1966 – 1994, editor of the Schweizer
Monatshefte focusing on Swiss literature, cultural
policy, theater critiques. Archive: Typescripts
and foreign manuscripts, exchanges of
letters with literary personalities, among others,
with Hermann Burger and Peter Walther
(Berlin), unpublished materials by Anton
Krättli (stories, poetry, lectures). Awards:
Honorary citizen of the Canton Zurich 1976,
awarded the Aargau literary prize in 1994.

MARCHI, Otto (1942 – 2004). Teacher,
freelance writer and publicist since 1982.
Works: Schweizer Geschichte für Ketzer (1971),
Rückfälle (novel, 1978), Sehschule (novel,
1983), Landolts Rezept (novel, 1989), Soviel
ihr wollt (novel, 1994). Literary estate as well
as comprehensive administrative documents
from his work as a language teacher at the
Lucerne School of Art and Design.

MARTI, Kurt (*1921). Vicar. Works:
republikanische gedichte (1959), Dorfgeschichten
(prose, 1960), gedichte am rand (1963),
Bürgerliche Geschichten (prose, 1981), Der
Gottesplanet (philosophical-theological essays,
1988), among others. Archive: A few typescripts
and text witnesses of his own work,
foreign typescripts, comprehensive literary correspondence,
a wide body of documentation
on his own works including photos, recorded
documentation, copies of magazine prints and
book publications.

From the estate of Mani Matter
© NL
MATTER, Mani (real name Hans-Peter
Matter) (1936 – 1972). Legal counsel to the
municipal council for the city of Bern,
teaching position at the University of Bern,
chansonnier, writer. Literary work: The works
Sudelhefte (1974) and the Rumpelbuch (1976)
published after his death. Estate: Manuscripts
and recordings of Matter’s chansons, literary
drawings and reflections, legal manuscripts,
collection of sound documents. Donated by
the Matter family.
MERZ, Klaus (*1945). Story teller, dramatician,
screen writer. Works: Scripts for the
series Motel for Swiss television, Jakob schläft
(novel, 1997), Kommen Sie mit mir ans Meer,
Fräulein? (novel, 1998), Adams Kostüm (stories,
2001), Löwen Löwen (poetry and prose,
2004), Los (story, 2005), Priskas Miniaturen
(stories, 2005). Archive: Manuscripts and
typescripts, originals of illustrations from
various artists on his publications, comprehensive
correspondence, notebooks, travel diaries
as well as a nearly complete collection of reviews
and copies from and about Klaus Merz.
The archive also includes the estate of his
brother Martin Merz, donated to the Confederation
by Klaus Merz.

MICHAUD, Eugène (1839 – 1917).
Theologian, historian, professor. Plutôt la
mort que le déshonneur (Paris, 1872), Louis XIV
et Innocent XI (4 vols., Paris, 1882 – 1883),
La politique de compromis avec Rome en 1689 :
Le pape Alexandre VIII et le duc de Chaulnes
(Berne, 1888), Dieu dans l’univers (Lausanne,
1912), La vie en Dieu (Lausanne, 1913).
Additions to the E. Michaux collection: Chapters
9 to 12, manuscripts, of the autobiography
(En Suisse, Chez les adversaires, Etude d’âme, Les
résultats), little packet of notes and letters that
accompanied the writing of these memories,
typed letter signed by Sven Stelling-Michaud,
Eugène’s grandson, of 17 August 1984, in
which these documentes are presented and
officially deposited at the Christkatholische Fakultät
of Bern University. Deposit of the
Christkatholische und Evangelische Theologische
Fakultät der Universität Bern.

OPPENHEIM, Meret (1913 – 1985).
Artist. Meret Oppenheim enjoyed literary
activities in addition to her paintings: A publication
of her poems with serigraphies were
published in 1981 under the titles Sansibar and
Caroline. Suhrkamp published the volume
Husch, husch, der schönste Vokal entleert sich
with poems and drawings in 1984. Christiane
Meyer-Toss published Meret Oppenheim’s
Aufzeichnungen 1928 – 1985 following her
death. Literary works: A permanent loan by
the Bürgi family of their part of the literary
estate of Meret Oppenheim including literary
drafts, drawings and correspondence. The
estate will be made available for research after
it has been catalogued.

PEDRETTI, Erica (*1930). Writer and
graphic artist. Works: Harmloses, bitte (prose,
1970), Valerie oder Das unerzogene Auge (novel,
1986), Engste Heimat (prose, 1995), Das
Kuckuckskind oder Was ich ihr unbedingt noch
sagen wollte (prose, 1998). Awards: The Swiss
Schiller Foundation Award (1975), Ingeborg
Bachmann Award (1984), Berlin Award &
Bobrowski Medal 1994, Marie-Luise Kaschnitz
Award 1996, Central European Vilencia
Award 1999. The SLA acquired her literary
archive and exemplary artistic works. Archive:
sketches, notes and manuscripts as well as
typescripts of her literary works, selected correspondence,
reviews on her work and other
press articles about her; furthermore, a selection
of graphic arts works.

WEBER, Werner (1919 – 2005). 1946 –
1973 Neue Zürcher Zeitung editor responsible
for literature, art and sciences, as of 1951, chief
editor, 1973 – 1987 Professor for literary criticism
at the University of Zurich. Promoted,
among others, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Max
Frisch, Otto F. Walter, Hugo Loetscher, Adolf
Muschg and Hermann Burger. Estate of letters

WIDMER, Urs (*1937). Editor at Walter
and Suhrkamp publishing houses; today, freelance
writer. Works: Der blaue Syphon (story,
1992), Der Geliebte der Mutter (novel, 1992),
Top Dogs (play, 1997), Das Buch des Vaters
(novel, 2004) among others. Archive: Manuscripts,
letters, audio-visual recordings, editions,
posters, etc. of his works.

Further additions and individual acquisitions

BARILIER, Jean: Additions to the collection:
manuscript of the latest books; ongoing
process of depositing his documents at SLA.

CHAPPAZ, Maurice: Translation of
Valais au gosier de grive, by Maurice Chappaz,
one binder with manuscript and original watercolours.
(Donation by Ruth Morgenthaler)

CINGRIA, Charles-Albert: Selected
manuscript pages of Enveloppes : La Route active
(3 p. autogr.) ; blue-prints (3 p.) of Enfants
de Chexbres, and one unpublished page of text
presentation by the author. The lot complements
the Cingria collection within the P. -O.
Walzer collection.

Daniel: Portraits of Friedrich Dürrenmatt, 1990.

DÜRRENMATT, Friedrich: Set photos
of the filming of Maximilian Schell’s film
Der Richter und sein Henker, November 1964
in Bern, by Thomas Pfister and Hansueli

DUVANEL, Supplemental materials on
the work of Adelheid Duvanel. (Donation by
Felix Feigenwinter, Basel)

HIGHSMITH, Patricia: Photocopies of
her letters to David Streiff. (Donation by
David Streiff )

HILTBRAND (family): Original letters
from the Hiltbrand family on the publication
Walkenmatt. Briefe aus dem Diemtigtal, aus
Russland und Amerika, 1890 – 1946 in the
Chronos publishing house, 2001. (Donated
by the family)

JOUVE, Pierre Jean: Correspondence
with his wife Blanche Reverchon Jouve, deposited
by Jean-Léon Donnadieu, upon advice of
Jean Starobinski. Letters from Blanche and
Pierre Jean Jouve to Jean-Léon Donnadieu.
(Donation by Jean-Léon Donnadieu).

KAYSER, Hans: Comprehensive correspondence
from the years 1937 through 1964
between Hans Kayser and Peter and Margarethe
Schenck. One photo album as well as diary
sheets from Peter Schenck. (Donation by Walter
Ammann, Bern)

KRISTOF, Agota: reviews and correspondence
received on account of the publication
of her latest works, C’est égal and

LOOSLI, Carl Albert: Typescripts and
(a few) manuscripts of poems (dialect and
standard German), of novellas, stories and of
larger and smaller essays and journalistic works,
including unpublished works such as Antigone,
Kunst und Brot or Als freier Schriftsteller. Also
includes documents, typescripts and collections
of articles on “Gotthelfhandel” from 1913 as
well as documents, court files and letters on the
trial and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and
the subsequent Frontists trials.

MANN, Golo: Oil portrait and portrait
drawings (donated by Susanne Waldvogel)

PEER, Andri: Brefs originalas a Gustav
Siebenmann dal 1964 al 1982, ed ina lingia dad
ediziuns poeticas cun dedicaziun persunala.

RILKE, Rainer Maria: Letters from Eva
Cassirer to Rainer Maria Rilke, one additional
letter from Rilke to Eva Cassirer dated September
17, 1913, original envelopes of Rilke’s
letters to Eva Cassirer, already housed at the
SLA. (donation by Thomas Cassirer)

STAROBINSKI, Jean: Ca. 30 boxes:
manuscripts, correspondence, agendas, notebooks,
personal documents.

WALTER, Otto F.: Manuscripts, typescripts,
letters and reviews (donated by Michèle
Scholl Walter, Solothurn).
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Last updated on: 04.05.2007

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