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Strategy 2012-2019

The future is digital. But paper remains.

The volume of digital information already exceeds that of information available on paper. This applies both to production and to usage, for both private and professional purposes. The Swiss National Library (NL) intends to play a full part in this transformation. It is realigning itself based on its statutory remit. It will adjust its practices in the fields of collection, conservation, cataloguing and outreach to the changing production and usage patterns. Its technical infrastructure and internal organisation will keep pace with society's changing expectations. Thanks to its close ties with partner institutions it will make a decisive contribution to the national coordination of libraries in the digital domain.

The collections on paper - in the General Collection, the Prints and Drawings Department, the Swiss Literary Archives and the Dürrenmatt Centre Neuchâtel - will retain their importance. They are part of our nation's cultural heritage, and there is an increasing need for direct encounters with original documents. For both reasons, the NL will retain its analogue collections and develop the range of services it offers on site.

By the end of 2019, the Swiss National Library should remain the first port of call in the world for sources on Switzerland, its culture and history on paper, but will also provide a substantially increased number of key collections in digital form.

Last updated on: 21.02.2013

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