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MIKO, Coordination of Swiss newspaper microforms

Newspaper pages and microfilm
Newspaper pages and microfilm
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Since 1997, the Swiss National Library has been promoting a coordinated approach to the microfilming of Swiss newspapers. The sharing of costs and the cooperation of all the institutions involved allow the successful conclusion of many regional microfilming projects. Thanks to the creation of lists of existing microfilms and lists of newspapers to be microfilmed, the situation in Switzerland is much clearer today. These lists are useful for avoiding the costly duplication of microfilming the same documents more than once and for pointing out areas where collaboration among institutions is possible. The ultimate goals of the MIKO project is improving the access to microforms and facilitating national and international loan. The generalised use of quality film corresponding to the standards set by the NL is a further goal of this project. In order to promote and ensure compatibility, all newspapers without exception are filmed on 35 mm film.

Documents to be printed or downloaded

Type: PDF
Normes et standards pour le microfilmage de journaux
Standards in French
Last modification: 15.01.2015 | Size: 63 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
Checkliste Mikochec
MIKO Koordination der Mikroformen von schweizerischen Zeitungen: Checkliste
Last modification: 02.06.2008 | Size: 56 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
List of microforms of Swiss newspapers (in German and French)
Last modification: 25.11.2015 | Size: 1201 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
List of microfilmed newspapers (in German and French)
Last modification: 11.01.2016 | Size: 73 kb | Type: PDF

Last updated on: 25.11.2015

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