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Which institutions can receive an ISIL?

As the name says, the International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organizations is intended for libraries, archives, agencies, museums as well as other institutions, which participate directly or indirectly in international library or book trade communication.

Subordinate units of the institutions mentionned can receive their own ISIL, if they maintain an important independent collection.

In Switzerland all institutions registered in the address database LibRO, automatically received an ISIL. In the LibRO database section pertaining to the ISIL Register can be found:
  • Institutions which participate in interlibrary loan (ILL);
  • bodies whose individual and family archival collections (fonds) are indicated in the Index of manuscript collections held in libraries and archives in Switzerland;
  • all institutions which were specified in the listing Information Schweiz;
  • other bodies which correspond to the regulations for ISIL assignment.

The ISIL Centre Switzerland is happy to answer your questions about the International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organization.

Last updated on: 01.08.2011

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