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CATS, Cataloguing at the Swiss National Library

Table of contents

Since December 1st 2000, the Swiss National Library has been using the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules AACR2.
The CATS rules manual is the manual of Swiss Cataloguing rules, which is used jointly with the main edition of AACR2 and constitutes the interpretation rules for AACR2.
Since July 2015, the authorized access points are created according to the rules of the RDA (Resource Description Access). The examples in the CATS are not updated for the present: they will be completely redesigned with the full implementation of RDA.


We use the complements to the main AACR2 manual. These complements contain explanatory rules in relation to the main AACR2 manual. The numbering and the structure is the same as in the AACR2 manual.

2. Complement to the cataloguing manual CONSER

The cataloguing manual CONSER (CCM) based on the AACR2 rules is the manual used for cataloguing serials and integrated serial resources (instead of AACR2 chapter 12). Examples from the NL can be found in the CCM.

3. Special rules

The cataloguing of certain types of publications is described in special rules. These include cartographic particularities as well as specific rules for the treatment of publications at the NL.

4. Appendices

Appendices contain various lists such as expressions, abbreviations, language indications, help for translation etc., information, which can be useful to cataloguers.

5. Collection of examples

This collection illustrates the use of AACR2 rules. It is continually updated with new examples.
The actual CATS rules are based on the principal AACR2 manual, the cataloguing practices at the NL and on the LCRI (Library of Congress rule interpretations) as well as on the cataloguing rules IDS (KIDS).

The following retrospective corrections will be made in Helveticat, the Swiss National Library Catalogue.

- Systematic correction of all uniform titles
- Adaptation of authority records which will be used

For the other cases, records that have been catalogued according to various cataloguing rules will remain as they are.
For questions linked to readability, the masculine form is used. However it is clear that both genders are included. Chapters are alternatively written in German and French to correspond to the use of both languages at the NL.

Bibliographic references of AACR2 and CONSER: Anglo-American cataloguing rules / prepared under the direction of the Joint Steering Committee for Revision of the AACR, a committee of the American Library Association, the Australian Committee on Cataloguing, the British Library, the Canadian Committee on Cataloguing, the Library Association, the Library of Congress.- 2nd ed., 2002 revision. – Chicago : American Library Association [etc.]. – ISBN 0-8389-3529-X (loose-leaf with binder)

CONSER cataloguing manual. – 2002 ed. – Washington, D.C. : Library of Congress, Cataloguing Distribution Service. – ISBN 0-8444-0784-4

Explanation of cross-references


CATS Consultation

•see Zusatz 1.0D --> only CATS-Zusatz 1.0D
•see also Zusatz 1.0C --> AACR2 1.0C and CATS-Zusatz 1.0C

Last updated on: 08.12.2015

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