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History of the town of Etzgen


I am looking for something that will give a history of the town of Etzgen, Switzerland. Would you have something or be able to tell me where I may find it?


There are only a few short articles about the history of Etzgen, and all of them are in German. One is published in the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland.

Two other articles are available in the following publications:

Author: Ammann, Hektor
Title: Die Bezirke Brugg, Rheinfelden, Laufenburg und Zurzach : Heimatgeschichte und Wirtschaft ; Industrie, Handel und Gewerbe / Hrg. von H[ans] A. Bosch.
Publisher: Aarau : Wirz & Co., 1948.
Material: 147, 67 S. : Ill. ; 4.
Series: Bezirkschroniken des Kantons Aargau ; 5
Title: Die Aargauer Gemeinden : illustriertes Gemeindebuch zum 700jährigen Bestehen der Eidgenossenschaft 1291-1991 / offizielles Gemeinschaftswerk sämtlicher 232 Aargauer Gemeinden unter dem Patronat des Regierungsrates, insbesondere des Departements des Innern und des Verlages Effingerhof, Brugg ; historische Beratung: Roman Brüschweiler
Publisher: Brugg : Verlag Effingerhof, 1990
Material: 487 S. : Ill. ; 25 cm

If you are interested we can send you copies of the pages related to Etzgen.

Etzgen is part of the Bezirk (district) Laufenburg and belongs to the Fricktal (valley of Frick). The article in the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland regarding the Fricktal may give some additional information:
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Last updated on: 04.01.2012

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