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General information on family research

The starting point for genealogical research in Switzerland is the place of citizenship of a family, often referred to as the community of origin. The Swiss register of surnames is a good tool for determining the community of origin, the book records all families with place of citizenship in Switzerland as well as the current place of citizenship (data valid as of: 1962).

As soon as the place of citizenship is known, you can then turn to the archives to consult the civil register (office of birth, marriages and deaths) and church registries.
Additional information on family research
Swiss Genealogy on the Internet
Source: Grundlagen der Familienforschung in der Schweiz, published by the Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Familienforschung, 3rd ed., Zurich 1996

Family research provided by the NL

At the Swiss National Library, you may consult the following research tools or the research team at the SwissInfoDesk can do it for you:
- Register of Swiss surnames to determine the place of citizenship of a family.
- Mario von Moos, Bibliography of Swiss Genealogies for published works on a given family.
- Online catalogue and card catalogues at the NL for published works on a given family.

The research team can also find addresses of registry offices and archives.

The Swiss National Library is the depository library for the library of the Swiss Genealogical Society SGS. The SGS collection is recorded in the Helveticat online catalogue. These documents may be consulted in the reading room at the NL.

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Further information

- Place of citizenship
- Mario von Moos, Bibliography of Swiss Genealogies
- Register of Swiss surnames
- Civil Register and Church Registers