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The Swiss Virtual Reference Desk partner libraries

The libraries which take part in the Swiss Virtual Reference Desk wrote a charter of collaboration.
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Charter of the Swiss Virtual Reference Desk (in German)
Last modification: 15.07.2015 | Size: 33 kb | Type: PDF

The Swiss Virtual Reference Desk partner libraries are:

National library, cantonal and municipal libraries

Special libraries and institutions

Library and information sciences
Political Science
Military history and history in general
Sociology (Gender studies and Migration)
Communications and transportation
Science, Mathematics, Technology
Landscape architecture, Architecture, Urban building
Drawing (Comics)
Painting and art in general
Literature for young people
As a library or an information centre you may be interested in working with the Swiss Virtual Reference Desk in order to develop your staff’s members’ skill, to enrich your library and to thus expand your information centre. If so please contact Mr Beat Scherrer.

Last updated on: 15.07.2015

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