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What exactly is the BibliOpass network?

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“BibliOpass” refers to a network of almost 600 Swiss university and cantonal libraries along with the National Library that accept the user cards from the other libraries within this network. A user card from one of the libraries enables a user to register in all the network’s libraries and to consult their collections and borrow documents. The user taking advantage of this service must always abide to the rules and regulations of the lending library.

More details about the BibliOpass network are available on the other language versions of this page (click above on Deutsch, Français or Italiano).

Press review

BibliOpass – An Open Library Network in Switzerland / A. Rivier, J.-M. Rod
In Liber Quarterly, vol. 16 (2006), no 1

Last updated on: 25.11.2014

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