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Reproductions by the Photo and Reprography service

The Photo and Reprography service provides reproductions from documents held by the NL in various formats and qualities, as indicated on the left hand side of this page and according to the conditions listed below.

To reproduce a whole document, this one has to be copyright free. In this case, please order an eBook on demand (digital document and print on demand document) by using the eod icon on the Helvetica catalog record or by filling out the eBook on demand blank form.
For documents protected by copyright, only extracts can be ordered, according to the offers on the left hand side. 

Reproductions by users

(general collections' documents only)

Digital and paper copies of items may also be made using the NL's book scanner, photocopying machines and microform copiers.

You may also take pictures of the documents from the general collections with your own camera. The copying device must not touch the document in any way and the use of flash or other additional light is prohibited.

For conservation reasons, users must inform the reading room staff if they wish to make pictures or copies of documents that are more than fifty years old. (see Article 23 of the "Regulations on Use. General Collection" ).

General conditions

  • A fee of CHF 10.- will be charged for administrative costs.
  • There are no additional costs for posting copies in Switzerland but postage costs are charged when copies are posted abroad.
  • Orders that have not been collected within 14 days will be sent by post, incurring an additional handling fee of CHF 10.--.
  • There is a CHF 10.- service charge for each transfer of data to CD-ROM.
  • The patron is responsible for respecting the federal law on copyright.

Last updated on: 01.12.2014

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