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Maurice Chappaz : photographs on his 90th birthday

To mark the 90th birthday of Maurice Chappaz, the Swiss National Literary Archives of the Swiss National Library are making a selection of photographs from the S.Corinna Bille-Maurice Chappaz Foundation available to the media, free of charge. This selection of twenty portraits presents a visual review of the life of Maurice Chappaz.  All the newspapers, periodicals, weeklies or reviews and all the television channels who want to publish an article or devote a feature to Maurice Chappaz are welcome to use them.

This offer is valid until 30th December 2006; after that date use of the photographs will again be subject to a fee.

We should already like to thank for sending us a copy of their article to the following address:

Swiss Literary Archives / Archives littéraires suisses
Stéphanie Cudré-Mauroux
Hallwylstr. 15
3003 Bern

The copyright statement is essential
Kindly provided by the Swiss National Library / Swiss Literary Archives © Fonds S. Corinna Bille-Maurice Chappaz, Bern.

Please note that this free offer is available only to the media.
For all other uses, permission to do so must be obtained in advance from the address above or by e-mail: stephanie.cudre-mauroux@slb.admin.ch.

Last updated on: 04.01.2007

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