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Linked data : a case for openness in libraries

Linking Open Data cloud diagram, by Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch. http://lod-cloud.net/
Linking Open Data cloud diagram, by Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch. http://lod-cloud.net/

Anders Söderbäck
Teamleader, Dept. of e-resources, Stockholm University Library

Library Science Talk
13.09.2011, 15:30         12.09.2011, 15:30
Bern, NL                          Geneva, ILO

Bibliographic metadata is essential for libraries. Libraries have been active in promoting and engaging with Open Access issues, but Open Access to the bibliographic metadata produced, used and re-used within the library community have not been that widely discussed.

While the Berlin declaration of Open Access includes metadata in its definition of Open Access contributions, libraries have focused on listing OA Journals in their catalogs rather that providing Open Access to the catalogs themselves. Recent discussions regarding, for example, OCLC have highlighted many of the issues and difficulties regarding ownership of bibliographic metadata.

When metadata is aggregated in knowledgebases and global indexes, the question of who owns and controls such aggregates is of crucial importance for any library engaging with Open Access issues.

Some libraries and organizations have made their bibliographic metadata available using OA policies, most recently CERN, the Ghent University Library, and the University and City Library of Cologne. This represents a growing awareness among libraries that OA policies apply not only to the content described in library catalogs, but to the catalogs themselves.

LIBRIS, the Swedish union catalog based on cooperation between the participating libraries, is based on the idea that bibliographic metadata shall be free to use by libraries and the public at large. This presentation will describe how Open Access to data is being handled by LIBRIS both on a judicial and a technical level, leading up to an argument for why Open Access to bibliographic metadata is one of the most important questions facing the library community today.


For the talk in Geneva at the International Labour Organization (ILO)
External guests should go to the ILO Library on floor R2 (South).The talk will take place in the Library. Please register beforehand by contacting

For the talks in Bern at NL
External guests should be at Hallwylstrasse 15 at 15:30. It is not necessary to register in advance, but for more information or a map, please contact Genevieve Clavel by e-mail or by phone at 031-322.89.36.

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