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Library Science Talks 2010

The Library Science Talks offer an insight into innovative projects in libraries, archives and related institutions. Speakers are renowned specialists in their field. The talks thereby offer an opportunity to library and archive employees to stay up to date of current developments. The talks are organized by the Swiss National Library, by AILIS Association of International Librarians and by CERN Scientific Information Service. Most of the talks will be held in English.

For the talk in Bern at the Swiss National Library, external guests should be at Hallwylstrasse 15 at 15.30. For further information and a map, you may contact Ms. Genevieve Clavel at
or by telephone at 031 322 89 36.

For the talk in Geneva at CERN, external guests should be at the reception of CERN, building 33, at 15.15 to be guided to the conference room. Please register to attend by contacting Ms. Susanne Schaefer at
For the talk in Geneva at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), external guests should come to ITU, Place des Nations, 1211 Geneva, with a valid ID. Further information and directions to the conference room will be provided upon registration by email at
or by phone at 022.730.69.00.

For the talk at Bibliothèque de Genève (BGE) external guests should come to BGE, Promenade des Bastions, 1211 Genève. Please register beforehand and for further information by contacting
For the talk in Geneva at the International Labour Organization (ILO), external guests should go to the ILO Library on floor R2 (South): The talk will take place in the Library Discussion Room and Library staff at the Information Desk will direct you to the room. Please register beforhand by contacting

Digital Consumers: implications for libraries, publishers and government

David Nicholas
Director of the Department of Information Studies, UCL Centre for Publishing and CIBER research group, University College London

09.02.2010, 15:30
Bern, Swiss National Library

The presentation describes and evaluates the use, information seeking and reading behaviour of the ubiquitous digital information consumer, as portrayed in the digital, tell-tale footprints they leave behind them.

Data are drawn from a seven year study of the digital consumer in the media, voluntary sector, health and scholarly information environments by the CIBER research group at UCL. Hundreds of thousands of digital consumers from all over the globe are covered in the analyses. On the basis of these data, the characteristics of their ‘digital footprints' are highlighted demonstrating that a huge paradigm shift has apparently occurred in information seeking and reading behaviour of everyone, but especially the young. The results are surprising, disturbing and challenging for society as a whole, especially in regard to young.

The presentation concludes with a discussion of the significance of the findings for information professionals, teachers, publishers, employers and government and how best to cope with a population with a marked preference for fast information, multi-tasking and power browsing, but not reading and reflection

Type: PDF
Digital consumers
David Nicholas, CIBER, University College London
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Strategic marketing of libraries / Irmgard Bomers, Head User Services Division Koninklijke Bibliotheek / National Library of the Netherlands

02.03.2010, 15:30
Bern, Swiss National Library

Type: PDF
Dare, Care, Share : Strategic Marketing in Libraries
Irmgard Bomers, KB, National library of the Netherlands, Head Services Division
Last modification: 09.03.2010 | Size: 4638 kb | Type: PDF

The Great War Archive / Stuart Lee, Director, Computing Systems and Services, Oxford University Computing Services

13.04.2010, 15:30
Bern, Swiss National Library

Type: PDF
Oxford’s Great War Archive: Mobilising the Public for Online Collaboration
Dr Stuart D Lee, Reader in E-learning and Digital Libraries, University of Oxford
Last modification: 14.04.2010 | Size: 6477 kb | Type: PDF

Microsoft, libraries and open source / Lee Dirks, Director of Education & Scholarly Communications Microsoft

27.04.2010, 15:30
Bern, Swiss National Library

Type: PDF
Microsoft, Libraries, and Open Source
Alex D Wade, Director, Scholarly Communication, External Research Division, Microsoft Corporation
Last modification: 28.04.2010 | Size: 9063 kb | Type: PDF

Europeana vision and value & Dodis launch on Europeana

Jill Cousins
Director The European Library and EDL Foundation, NL

01.06.2010, 15:30
Bern, Swiss National Library


The vision of Europeana is to be more than just an aggregator of material from libraries, archives, museums and audio visual collections of Europe.

It is also to be a distributor, enabling reuse of the aggregated metadata in the workflow of the user or in new imaginative ways to attract different audiences; and to be a facilitator and innovator, holding the repositories of ontologies and multilingual resources for others.

This vision now has a value proposition, demonstrating value to the stakeholders and users of Europeana.  The services proposed in this value proposition are contingent on many environmental factors such as copyright and IPR and an understanding of the benefits and threats of the web to cultural institutions.

The talk will focus on how the ideas outlined in the value proposition contribute to the vision and how the environment helps or hinders the view.  A demonstration of Europeana will be given.

The talk will be given in English

Following the talk in Bern: Dodis launch on Europeana

Die Online-Datenbank dodis.ch der Forschungsstelle Diplomatische Dokumente der Schweiz (DDS) ist neu beim europäischen Internetportal Europeana.eu dabei.

Am 1. Juni 2010 findet anlässlich der Aufschaltung von Dodis auf Europeana in Bern eine Vernissage statt, zu der Sie herzlich eingeladen sind. Genauere Angaben entnehmen Sie bitte dem Flyer:

Type: PDF
Invitation Dodis launch on Europeana
Last modification: 26.05.2010 | Size: 624 kb | Type: PDF

Type: PDF
Europeana vision and value
Jill Cousins, Director The European Library and EDL Foundation, NL
Last modification: 09.06.2010 | Size: 10956 kb | Type: PDF

Duraspace: open technologies for durable digital content: cloud technologies for libraries  / Michele Kimpton, Chief Business Officer duraspace.org

05.10.2010, 15:30
Bern, Swiss National Library

Type: PDF
Duraspace: Repositories and Cloud Services for Data Cyberinfrastructure
Last modification: 12.10.2010 | Size: 4093 kb | Type: PDF

Library 10: premises for the constantly changing needs of customers / Kari Lämsä, Library 10, Finland

09.11.2010, 15:30
Bern, Swiss National Library

Library 10 is a modern library in the center of Helsinki. In addition to having a broad collection of musical recordings, the library is equipped with versatile computer workstations. Library 10's 800 m2 of public space welcomes approximately 50 000 customers per month and is Helsinki's most popular library. The library is open on a daily basis and for a total of 78 hours each week. The statistics of Library 10's users are much different than other branches; 60% of them are men and 60% are under the age of 30.

Of the customers that frequent Library 10, about half come to borrow items from the library. What is interesting, however, is what the other half does. While some come to read newspapers and surf the net, a growing number of customers are coming to make their own music, edit images and videos, or then to see and hear the works created by other customers in the form of exhibitions and performances.

Last updated on: 26.10.2010

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