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News 2011

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Archivio Remo Fasani (19.12.2011)
Il lascito del poeta grigionese Remo Fasani è entrato a far parte dell'Archivio svizzero di letteratura.

Grosses Geschenk an das Schweizerische Literaturarchiv: Die Autographensammlung von Jakob Job.

Alberto Nessi
Il fondo Alberto Nessi (12.12.2011)
L'archivio dell'autore ticinese Alberto Nessi è ora accessibile a fini di ricerca.

Franz Hohler, Photo: Simon Schmid
Les inventaires des fonds d’Alfred Fankhauser, Josef Halperin, Hermann Hiltbrunner, Emmy Hennings-Hugo Ball, Franz Hohler, Maria Waser et Yvette Z’Graggen sont à présent accessibles en ligne dans HelveticArchives.

Gertrud Wilker (© Peter Friedli)
Les inventaires des archives d’Anna Felder, Gertrud Wilker, Fredi Lerch, Louis Piantoni et du Centre PEN de la Suisse alémanique sont à présent accessibles en ligne.

Redesigned Europeana (28.10.2011)
Discover some of the most interesting content on the new Europeana portal

The Bibliography on Swiss History is published since 1913; now all volumes are available online

Durch das Dorf Alvaneu führt die Landwasserroute, welche das Albulatal mit Davos verbindet.
The „Reading Europe“ online exhibition presents narrow gauge railways in the Swiss Alps.

The Kirchenfeld Bridge
A beautifully illustrated document about Aare bridges, which have enabled the city of Bern to break out of the surrounding loop of river and expand into the countryside. Bern is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Luzern 1885
The oldest travel guide of its kind for Luzern and the region of Lake Luzern.

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