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Bibliography on Swiss History now online

Now all issues of the Bibliography on Swiss History (BSH) are available online. It's a pleasure for us to help you in your daily research!

The BSH volumes 1913-1974 have been scanned, OCRd, structured and uploaded to the retro.seals.ch site under the heading "DDC-940: History of Europe". The digitization was carried out with the agreement of the Swiss History Association, publisher of the BSH until 1957.
Full text searching may be carried out both across a selected range of volumes or across all volumes simultaneously. In addition within each volume it is possible to go directly to a specific chapter.

The BSH volumes from 1975 onwards are available in the Bibliography on Swiss History database. Volumes 1975-1998 have been recatalogued in 2010 and integrated in the database. In addition to the usual search options, it is possible to search by chapter. At the moment the years 1975-1998 and 1999-2010 do not have the same chapter structure but they are being unified. Thus, from Spring 2012 the 87,000 bibliographic records in the BSH database will follow the same chapter structure.

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Last updated on: 27.10.2011

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