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News 2010

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Koop-Litera (14.12.2010)
Koop-Litera est une plate-forme commune des Archives littéraires suisses, des archives Max Frisch, des archives Robert Walser, de la Bibliothèque centrale de Zurich et de la Bibliothèque de l’Université de Bâle.

Le nouvel espace d’information de la BN
Les transformations des espaces publics de la Bibliothèque nationale suisse se termineront comme prévu. Tous les espaces seront à nouveau accessibles dès le 6 décembre.

Matthias Zschokke, März 2010
SLAs Acquisitions (25.11.2010)
This year the Swiss Literary Archives (SLA) obtained a number of important fonds and collections.

The Hans Wilsdorf Foundation has offered the library of Jean Starobinski to the SLA.

Emmy Hennings holding a Dada doll
Two new collections from the archives of the SLA are now available online: The dual estate of Emmy Hennings and Hugo Ball, as well as the estate of Josef Halperin.

Do you have any questions about Switzerland? From now on we will be publishing the most interesting enquiries that we receive – and the answers to them.

Traugott Vogel‘s "folding" travel typewriter Corona Personal Writing Machine (Photo: C. Ruf and Regula Zimmermann Zurich; Montage: Simon Schmid, NB)
Two collections in the Swiss Literary Archives are now available online: the estates of Traugott Vogel and Eugen Huber.

Jean Starobinski’s personal library

Louis Agassiz, Etudes sur les glaciers, Neuchâtel, au frais de l'auteur, Soleure, Jent et Gassmann, 1840
Online exhibition of nearly 1,000 of Europe’s most fascinating works

Swissbib (22.09.2010)
Swissbib enables users to make a one-stop comprehensive search of the collections of the libraries of Swiss universities and universities of applied sciences and of the Swiss National Library.

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