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Exhibitions - Yearly programm 2009

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In the beginning is the word. Encyclopaedias in Switzerland

Poster from the exhibition
7 November 2008 – 29 March 2009
Inauguration: 6 November 2008, 6pm

A Swiss National Library exhibition in collaboration with the Historical Dictionary of Switzerland

Encyclopaedias do not fall as manna from heaven. They first have to be planned, discussed, written, edited, translated and illustrated. It is this creative process that is the focus of the exhibition “In the beginning is the word”, with the topical issue of knowledge transfer and preservation in the digital age taking centre stage.

I will not remain silent!

Poster from the exhibition Carl Albert Loosli "I will not remain silent!"
Carl Albert Loosli (1877-1959), writer
May 15 through August 30, 2009

Carl Albert Loosli (1877-1959) was one of the most important intellectuals and writers in 20th century Switzerland. His socio-political impact is illuminated in an exhibition on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of his death. The debate on the contradictory figure of C.A. Loosli, oft defamed during his lifetime, taps into the cultural and societal-historical interactions of the first half of the 20th century, the affects of which are felt to this day. “Ich schweige nicht!” is an exhibition by the Carl-Albert-Loosli Society with the support of the Swiss Literary Archive of the Swiss National Library. Palma3 designed and implemented the exhibition.
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Ich schweige nicht! Carl Albert Loosli (1877-1959), Schriftsteller
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Poster from the exhibition Ulrich Meister
October 10 through December 12, 2009

Ulrich Meister (born in Schaffhausen in 1947) is text and object artist as well as illustrator.
He primarily became known by his texts used to evoke visual impressions through language (“written pictures) to delve into the relationship between language and image. In his work, Meister dealt with a key aspect of 20th century art: the aesthetic of the trivial and banal. The Prints and Drawings Department of the Swiss National Library continuously collects works on paper and artist books by Ulrich Meister since 1995 and is dedicating a cabinet exhibition to his work which coincides with a retrospective at the All Saints Museum (Museum Allerheiligen) in Schaffhausen.
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Ulrich Meister - Invitation
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Practical information
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