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Annemarie Schwarzenbach: Journey through USA - The Southern States November/December 1937

Note: Annemarie Schwarzenbach wrote some of her captions in English. These have been kept, even when misspelt, and are shown in quotation marks. All other captions were translated from the German. Some of Schwarzenbach’s vocabulary would not be considered politically correct usage today, but was perfectly correct at the time of her writing. To keep the spirit of the times, these German terms were rendered by their English equivalents (e.g. English "negro" for "afro-american").

N.B.: the photographs taken by Annemarie Schwarzenbach are public domain.

[Annemarie Schwarzenbach].[Barbara Wright].Norris Dam TN - «TVA – Norris Dam».Norris Dam TN, November 1937 - «TVA – Norris Village».Cumberland Mts. TN - At this place, by a river in the state of Tennessee, a new stockings weaving mill has been constructed.Cumberland Mts. TN - This is how it looks in the Cumberland Mountains in the State of Tennessee, poor farming country, cut down woods.Gruetli TN - «Swiss Colony in the Cumberland Mountains. 'Gruetli' Tennessee.»Gruetli TN - «Cimetery of tombstones of Hunziker, Hess, Schild».Athens TN - Car cemetery.Knoxville TN - «Market Street».Knoxville TN - «Westfront Street».Knoxville TN - «Westfront Street».Tuskegee AL - A negro town.Birmingham AL - «City of perpetual promise».Montgomery AL - Cotton and negroes in Montgomery.Montgomery AL - Cotton and negroes in Montgomery.Between Montgomery and Columbus - Share croppers in the cotton fields of Georgia.Harris County Jail - Chained up prisoners.Between Alabama and Georgia - Cotton carts and mules on the road.Savannah GA - At the gas tank.Savannah GAPine Mts. GA - «Pine Valley Project».Pine Mts. GA - Independent farmers grow potatoes, fruit and cabbage instead of cotton.Macon GA - «Indian mounds near Macon (Greek Indians) and earlier tribes».Macon GA - Wesleyan CollegeCharleston SC - «Negro boys near port».Charleston SCCharleston SC - «Negro children» [Foto B. Wright].Lumberton NC - «Milltown of East Lumberton».Lumberton NC - «Milltown of East Lumberton».

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